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First Aid For Shortness of Breath It's Important to Know Anyone

Shortness of breath can occur suddenly, due to various things. Anyone is expected to know first aid shortness of breath, because it can prevent sufferers experience stopping breathing which can be fatal. Shortness of breath can mean someone feels not getting enough air, can't breathe freely, or feel breathless. This condition can occur at any time, whether walking, running or even sitting. Stages of First Aid Shortness of Breath Shortness of breath is often caused by heart or lung disorders, including heart attack, congestive heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pneumonia, pulmonary embolism, asthma, or respiratory infections. In addition to heart and lung disorders, shortness of breath can also occur due to heartburn, injury to the neck or due to near drowning. When experiencing shortness of breath, a person usually shows signs of rapid breathing, looking anxious and restless, drowsy or looking confused, blue lips, difficulty speaking, and excessive
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Parents Need to Know Soap and Shampoo that is Safe for Baby's Skin

Baby's skin is more prone to rashes, dryness, irritation, and inflammation than adult skin. Therefore, babies need special care products, including soap and shampoo that are safe for baby's skin. Because it is still thin and not yet fully developed, baby's skin is prone to irritation and infection if not cleaned properly. Therefore, Mother should not be careless in cleaning the skin of the Little One. Skin cleaning products that are used may not be as long as you choose. Tips for Choosing Soap and Shampoo that is Safe for Babies Mothers need to be careful in choosing baby body cleaning products, namely baby soap and shampoo. If using inappropriate products, baby soap and shampoo can cause irritation to the skin. The following are tips that Mother can apply in choosing safe soap and shampoo for babies: 1. Pay attention to the contents on the packaging When buying soap, shampoo and other baby care products, you must make sure what substances they contain. Choose soa

Cavity Toothache, Here Is the Handling

Cavities are a sign that your teeth are not healthy. This condition can trigger tooth pain. This condition can be overcome by handling appropriately according to its severity. Generally the cause of cavities is plaque, which is a sticky substance in the mouth which is mostly created due to a pile of germs or bacteria that turn food into acid. Then, the acid in the plaque can damage the protective tooth enamel to make cavities. If left unchecked, dental plaque can accumulate and become tartar which can disrupt the structure and health of teeth. How to deal with cavities Cavities are often painless. The pain generally arises only when the cavities in the teeth become enlarged, affect nerves, or cause teeth to break. Cavities can also occur after consuming cold or hot food or drinks. There are several ways doctors can do to cope with the pain of cavities, including: Give fluoride If the holes in the teeth are still in the initial stages, aka very small, fluoride might be used